Experiencing her own hair removal journey and experimenting with various techniques led her to discover electrolysis-the sole FDA-approved permanent solution. Once she witnessed the remarkable results firsthand, she was hooked! This passion led Heidi to turn it into her profession, aiming to share the same level of satisfaction she gained with others as a Certified Professional Electrologist.


From a young age, she would tag along with their mom to her electrolysis sessions, sparking an interest in the whole process. After college, she trained to be an electrologist and started part-time at Body Solutions. Within a short time, her interest for the job grew into a passion, and she made the leap to doing it full-time. Currently, she stands as a Certified Professional Electrologist, while pursuing her MBA.

For Ella, electrolysis is a mix of art and science. Helping people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin is what gets her fired up. She takes her clients' privacy very seriously, creating a safe space for people going through their own hairy journey.