Electrolysis Training

Course for Beginners

Specialized Refresher Training

Midwest Apilus Training Center

Today, electrolysis is still the only 100% guaranteed method of permanent hair removal for all skin colors and hair types. Starting a career in electrolysis allows you to meet the public's ever growing demand for permanent hair removal solutions.

As an extension of Academie Dectro in Quebec, Canada, the Midwest Apilus Training Center was specifically designed to partner with one of the leading manufacturers of the most advanced electrolysis technologies in the world. Anyone who desires to become a true professional in the field will benefit from the excellent curriculum which will then prepare them for the extensive hands on training at the Midwest Apilus location. We know that the key to a successful electrolysis practice starts at a high quality training facility. By supporting students throughout the learning process, we make sure their investment is maximized and they feel confident and prepared with their acquired skills.

Midwest Apilus Training Center

Our instructor will constantly supervise and guide your progress throughout the program by correcting and helping you to improve your practical techniques to ensure that you receive the most skilled and advanced training possible. Our instructor has over 20 years experience in the field

After having completed the 215 hour Online Theory and then 110 hours of Practical Hands On Training at our Midwest Apilus Training Center, you will have learned the most advanced permanent hair removal techniques using the most technologically advanced computerized electrolysis equipment.

Course for Beginners (325 hours)

The 325 hour course (we also offer 600 hour courses for licensed states) is taught in small groups. This allows you to fully master all electroepilation techniques, acquire added experience with the various parts of the body, and help you build confidence so you are ready to start your practice upon completion.

All topics are covered in great detail with the help of specialized learning materials that are provided throughout your training. Application and insertion techniques are performed on models to help improve your knowledge and skills.

The Training consist of:

  • 215 hour Online Theory Course - Learn electrolysis at your pace and in the comfort of your home.
  • 110 hour Practical Hands On at Midwest Apilus Training Center - Using the most technologically advanced computerized electrolysis equipment.

Theory Courses offered:

  • January
  • April
  • June
  • September

Course Outline

Code Module Theoretical Practical Recommended Study Time
02.3021 The History of Hair Removal 5 hours 1 hour
02.3012 Systems of the Human Body 9 hours 14 hours
02.3041 The Skin and its Appendages 15 hours 14 hours
02.3011 Code of Ethics 5 hours 1 hour
02.3051 The Consultation 25 hours 30 hours 15 hours
02.3095 Hygiene and Asepsis 6 hours 14 hours 2 hours
02.3031 The Workstation 6 hours 1 hour
02.3091 Performing Electroepilation 7 hours 25 hours 5 hours
02.3081 Electrolysis 4 hours 3 hours 15 hours
02.3061 Thermolysis 21 hours 80 hours 15 hours
02.3071 Combined Currents (Blend) 7 hours 5 hours 15 hours
02.30996 The Probes 7 hours 1 hour
02.30997 Starting a Business
(Administration, Sales and Marketing)
7 hours 5 hours
02.30998 Positioning 5 hours 6 hours 1 hour
132 hours 168 hours 100 hours

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Our Specialized Refresher Training

In addition to our course for beginners, we offer:

  • Refresher Courses in Positioning, Insertions, and Advanced Electroepilation Techniques
  • Private Refresher Courses adapted to your needs

This training is offered at your location or Apilus Midwest Training Center. Contact us for more information if you are interested in our specialized refresher training.

Midwest Apilus Training Center

The Midwest Apilus Training Center is located in Rochester Minnesota. At the Midwest Apilus Training Center, you learn the most advanced permanent hair removal techniques using the most technologically advanced computerized electrolysis equipment.